(ROAD WARRIOR) This is the story of one man living in an Apocalyptic world. Overall it's pretty dark but I wanted to include a bright and hopeful message. If I were living in the US, the internet community would have felt more like Reddit or 4chan. :) (Double_S) A TV talk show with the original author and a scholar specializing in apocalypses at home and abroad. A high-production K-pop performance. A solo album showcase featuring the artist. I planned a bunch of special events for <Hiding Out in an Apocalypse>, but due to distance and time constraints, it looks like I won't be able to invite all the international readers and instead with tears in my eyes will be forced to cancel it. Unfortunately, I'm only able to meet you all through this webcomic. (DD) What does it mean to live well in an Apocalypse? Not just living, but living well.

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