NEW UPDATE HOUR starting on 00:00 EST, Oct., 1st.


LINE Webtoon is changing its UPDATE HOUR to

00:00 AM (EST) instead of prior 10:00 AM (EST​).


NEW UPDATE HOUR will start to become effective as of October 1st, 2015.


For example on October 1st,


Where Tangents Meet,

Dead Days,

Doodle for Food,

How to Love,


Witch Hunt,


Space Boy,



3-Second Strip,

Aura from Another Planet,

Penguin Loves Mev,

Midnight Rhapsody Season 2,

All That We Hope to Be,


​will all be updated at EST 00:00 AM (=Midnight of September 30th)​ instead of EST 10:00AM.


So webtoons of Monday will be updated on Monday at 00:00 AM EST, and so forth. 

Please keep the new update hour in mind and continue enjoying the comics. 


LINE Webtoon