Update to Our Comment Moderation System for CANVAS Creators


To our CANVAS creator community: ​


In November, we announced that we will be releasing new updates to our comment system. Now you can remove inappropriate comments from your series and block abusive users that break our Community Policy.


To use this new feature, go to the inappropriate comment on your episode and select more ⁝ . From there you may select Delete to delete the comment or Block to block the user from commenting on that specific series again.




The list of users you've blocked will be available to view in DASHBOARD > Episode Management > Blocked users on our desktop website. 



You can remove individuals from your blocked user list by selecting Unblock next to the user that you'd like to allow to comment.


You can still enable/disable the comment section for each of your episodes from DASHBOARD > Edit or Add Episode, and report inappropriate comments by selecting Report next to the comment.


Also, we updated our Community Policy in relation with the new feature. Please see the fully updated Community Policy and Uploading Guidelines