Extending the CANVAS Creator Rewards Program in 2022 and more!






To our CANVAS creator community:  


In December of 2020, we announced that we would be implementing a new revenue opportunity, the WEBTOON CANVAS Creator Rewards Program, to support our existing ARevenue Sharing Program up until December 2021. We originally created the rewards program to empower creators by providing them with funds that grow with them. By sharing amazing stories, creators could become eligible to be rewarded on a monthly basis! We are happy to be able to continue offering this program into 2022.

We also plan to implement a new revenue option for creators in the form of a tipping system! This monetization opportunity will be released some time in 2022 with more details to come. Until then, we plan to continue supporting our creators through the Creator Rewards Program. 

Haven't opted in for WEBTOON CANVAS Ad Revenue Sharing yet? Here's how you opt in and apply for Viewer Ads!

① Opt into Ad Revenue Sharing as a creator here.

② Hit 1,000 subscribers and 40,000 global monthly page views for your series.

③ Apply for review from the AD SHARING tab on our desktop website.

④ Once approved, you will see Viewer Ads popping up at the end of your episodes. The more people that read your series' episodes, the more revenue you earn! 

If your series has Viewer Ads, but you haven't applied for Reward Ads?

 Hit 200,000 global monthly page views for your series.
 Apply for review from the AD SHARING tab on our desktop website.
 Once approved, select and submit episodes you want to apply Reward Ads to.
 These episodes will be reviewed within 72 hours.
⑤ Approved episodes will be locked behind a video Reward Ad for 14 days. The more people that read your episodes behind Reward Ads, the more revenue you earn!

Qualifications to earn from the 2022 CANVAS Creator Rewards:
 Credits will be rewarded to any creator whose series has been approved for the Ad Revenue Sharing Program. You must maintain the ad display on your series and keep your membership in the program. If you have more than one series registered, credits will be rewarded to the top performing series in your account 

 You must update the qualifying series at least once a month according to your DASHBOARD > Statistics page (EST) 

 The credit amount is determined by your global monthly page views. Please refer to the table below:   


















• Credits will be paid through PayPal or Patreon, and you must register your valid PayPal or Patreon ID on your WEBTOON account. If you do not register a valid PayPal or Patreon ID, credits disappear and do not roll over to any subsequent month.
 ​Unlike Ad Revenue, Creator Rewards will not be displayed on the 'AD SHARING' tab, but will be announced through our notice board at the end of each month.

 ​Creator Rewards are determined by global monthly page views, whereas revenue from Ad Revenue Sharing is generated from ad display on your approved series.

 ​WEBTOON reserves the right to amend the Creator Rewards Program structure at any time.

 ​The Creator Rewards Program will end in 2022 when WEBTOON launches a new revenue system.  




 ​WEBTOON reserves the right to withhold any payments should we suspect or determine in our sole discretion any violations or abuse of the Ad Revenue Sharing Terms, Community Policy, Terms of Use and any other Terms or Policies. 
 ​Any suspected form of page view abuse will result in restrictions including but not limited to disqualification from the Creator Rewards Program and termination from the Ad Revenue Sharing Program. 



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Please look forward to this and other new monetization opportunities that will be arriving in 2022. If you have any questions, please email us at creatorsupport@webtoon.com.