Updates to Ad Revenue Sharing Terms


Hello CANVAS creators!  


We’re excited to announce that we are lowering the eligibility requirements for Reward Ads from 200,000 Global Monthly Page Views to 100,000 Global Monthly Page Views!


CANVAS creators whose series have 100k+ Global Monthly Page Views will now have the option to apply for Reward Ads.


Rewards Ads have unique features that help you maximize the revenue potential for your series.



  • Reward Ads are 30-second video ads that you can place on top of new episodes for up to 14 days. Readers will need to watch an ad to unlock your new episode!
  • You can lock up to three episodes behind Reward Ads at a time. If you want your episode unlocked earlier than 14 days, you may do so manually on your series dashboard.
  • The more people who view the Reward Ads on your episodes, the more revenue you may earn! This provides an opportunity for your readers to support their favorite series.




How to Apply…

You may have already noticed the Reward Ads addition to the ‘AD SHARING’ tab on the creator dashboard. If eligible, there will be a green button underneath ‘Reward Ads’ that says ‘Apply.’ 

All applicants will receive an email letting them know whether or not they’ve been approved for Reward Ads. 

*You must be in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program to apply for Reward Ads

Once approved, creators will be able to schedule all upcoming episodes! Any episode with Reward Ads will require approval before being published.  This process takes up to 96-hours (4 days), so please make sure to schedule any Reward Ad episodes 96-hours in advance of your intended publishing time. Once an episode is approved, it will be published at the scheduled time. If approved early, you can reschedule episodes to be published earlier.

In order for readers to read the episodes behind Reward Ads, they’ll need to install the WEBTOON app.




You can read the fully updated Ad Revenue Sharing Terms here.


To learn more about the Ad Revenue Sharing Program, please visit our Creator portal: 


Have questions? Please email us at creatorsupport@webtoon.com  




Thank you for being a part of CANVAS!