WEBTOON's Pledge to Discover x Patreon Creators for June


Dear Creators on Discover,

 We are happy to announce our Discover x Patreon Creators who were qualified for Webtoon's Direct Pledge for June 2018!


The following 352 creators should have received direct pledge from Webtoon for their Discover uploads in June. These pledges have all been processed to your Patreon account, so please check your Patreon Profile Picture -> Account Settings -> Payout Preference/Method on Patreon for the pledge. 


Please bear in mind that 'Eligible' mark in your dashboard does not always guarantee the pledge. For further information, please check the Creator support program policy.  https://www.webtoons.com/en/terms


Thank you very much for your patience on the pledge process.   














Congratulations to all the above creators on Discover for making that money, and congrats to all creators for sharing their work with the world. 

We look forward to reading all of your new comics and pledging to even more of you in the coming months!


As always, please forward any inquiry to dl_patreon@webtoonscorp.com as usual. We are trying our best to send our replies.


* NAVER WEBTOON can withdraw its pledge at any time upon the discovery of any form of possible abuse or malicious exploitation of the Discover system, both of which can be determined based solely on NAVER WEBTOON's discretion. WEBTOON can also withdraw its pledge had the creator violate any terms and conditions of the Terms.



Webtoon  ​​​